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Tamarak joins AI and design marketplace with $1.3M funding of Boom Interactive

This post was written by Tamarak Capital.

$1.3 Million AI Investment

Utah-based Tamarak Capital™, today announced a seed investment of $1.3 million in Boom Interactive Inc., an advanced artificial intelligence company whose product, Bubbles™, uses the patented rendering technology, that lets users instantly visualize environments in real-time 3D. Users can then intricately design both interior and exterior spaces in a collaborative way, all from the comfort of their phone.
“Boom Interactive is creating a fundamentally new approach to 3D visualizations,” said Nathan McBride, Partner at Tamarak Capital. “Their advanced AI software creates remarkable, three-dimensional experiences and renderings by leveraging all kinds of data sources, including floor plans, sketches, phone images, complex line drawings, and other previously non-sophisticated assets. Their underlying technology can be used across numerous industries–including architecture, e-commerce, military, education, and many more, and we are tremendously excited about what they have already built, as well as what is ahead of their uniquely talented team.”

Tamarak’s investment also provides Boom Interactive access to their significant marketing, legal, and accounting services, which will support the company’s efforts to continue their rapid growth.

Timber Barker, Founder and CEO of Boom Interactive stated, “ Imagine visualizing your new home, office, remodel, or decor project in 3D, in seconds. When you “Design with Bubbles” it’s not just a single user experience, we’ve created collaborative features to connect people to professionals, and professionals to projects. Essentially, we will be the first metaverse experience for the masses. I’m proud of the team and it only made sense to complement them with an amazing partner. We are very excited to join up with Tamarak, whose capabilities allow us to accelerate Bubbles’ growth and get it in the hands of as many people as possible.”

About Boom Interactive

Boom Interactive, Inc. is a software company based out of Salt Lake City that specializes in advanced artificial intelligence with a specific focus on image recognition. Boom Interactive created Bubbles™, their flagship rendering product that leverages their patented technologies. Boom also offers exclusive and non-exclusive licenses to their underlying IP.

About Tamarak Capital

Tamarak™ is a venture-focused family office whose partners previously worked together to grow Profire Energy™, a NASDAQ-listed oilfield technology company. Now, Tamarak™ combines its partners’ experience in scaling high-growth ventures with additional personnel resources (e.g., marketing, accounting, operations, etc.) to help each investment succeed. They invest in talented, curious, and teachable founders who run scalable ventures and inspire those around them.

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